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African American Heritage in the Upper Housatonic Valley

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Samuel Harrison, Minister and Activist
Read by Ivan Newton 
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The Persips in World War I
Read by Rev. Esther Dozier 
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W. E. B. Du Bois Memorial Committee
Read by Elaine S. Gunn 
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Warren H. Davis, Entrepreneur
Read by Wray Gunn 
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Mum Bet (Elizabeth Freeman), Antislavery Pioneer
Read by Josh Burch 
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James Mars, Community Leader and Activist
Read by David Levinson 
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May E. Brown, Personal Recollections
Read by Mae E. Brown 
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Rev. Samuel Harrison, former slave, pastor of Second Congregational Church in Pittsfield

Charles Persip (left) World War I comrade

  Rev. Samuel Harrison

 Charles Persip
& Comrade

W.E.B. Du Bois Memorial Committee places bronze National Landmark plaque at Boyhood Homesite, 12 July 1980. In front: Walter Wilson & Ruth D. Jones. Standing behind: David Gunn, Sr. (left) and William Gibson (right). Warren Davis (center) with men who built the Ted Shawn Theatre at Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival in 1942

W. E. B. Du Bois
Memorial Committee

Warren H Davis

Portrait of Elizabeth 'Mumbet' Freeman (c.1742-1829) 1811

James Mars c. 1880 in an albumen print by T. M. V. Doughty

Elizabeth Freeman
'Mum Bet'

James Mars

Photos: Samuel Harrison: Samuel Harrison Society: Persip: Berkshire County Historical Society Collections; Du Bois Committee: Donald B Victor; Warren Davis: Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival Archives; Elizabeth Freeman: Massachusetts Historical Society, Boston MA USA; James Mars:Connecticut Historical Society, Hartford.

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